I defend you from the Raptor hordes.....and tell you about entertainment while doing so.

Shout Pit: EB Expo 2014 edition.

Shout Pit: EB Expo 2014 edition.


Eb expo 2014

On this weeks edition of the Shout Pit. Josh and I talk about our times with Shadow of Mordor. I talk at length about my time with what I think is one of the best survival games this year, Alien: Isolation. Josh talk about Smash Bros 3DS and how I…just…don’t get Smash Bros…but Josh likes it so yeah. I also compare the…

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TGS and sorry for being late brah.

TGS and sorry for being late brah.



Yeah, yeah, I know this is late again. But hey…shut up. This episode we talk about TGS and Disney Infinity 2.0 as well as a bunch of other shit. Oh the reason we are doing episodes fortnightly is due to just the slow news days and lack of releases, but that is all changing as we rocket in October and November.

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https://raptorproof.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/dont-be-dicks-part-2.mp3 https://raptorproof.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/2014-09-13-19-39-48-computer-record.mp3

Destiny 2


So last week due to some complications I could not post the podcast. So This week you get two free podcasts for the price of one free podcast…FREEEEEE.

We cover a whole bunch of shit I cannot remember, I think…

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"I just want to eat donuts and laugh at the sun" Shout Pit. #givemebirdoorgivemedeath

“I just want to eat donuts and laugh at the sun” Shout Pit. #givemebirdoorgivemedeath

Don’t be Dicks! https://raptorproof.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/dont-ne-dicks.mp3

This podcast does start on a serious note , but eventually spirals into the stupid we all love and enjoy.

I talk about Metro:Redux and all the pretty lights in those games, it’s a fucking bargain that everyone should buy. Josh rolls around in the joy that is Hotline Miami, again and again and again, which is never…

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Gamescom 2014 and Ice Giant Bono

Gamescom 2014 and Ice Giant Bono


2014-08-14 19-41-39 computer r

This week we start off a little dark with the unfortunate death of the legendary Robin Williams and just some other dark news. But we cheer-up  due to a tepid Gamescom. Then we fight again……. It’s a dark Shout Pit.

But it all ends when we talk about Assassins Creed Rouge and how Bono Vox is a Ice…

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Shut up and go watch the Guardians of the Galaxy god damn it Shout Pit.

Shut up and go watch the Guardians of the Galaxy god damn it Shout Pit.


Guten tag hotdog people. This week Josh and I shoot the shit over some actual news, such as Assassins Creed: Rogue, The Remaster Remake of Resident Evil and how Capcom just hads Megaman chained up in a  basement and is receiving forced fellatio by Chris Redfield. We talk about Ganondorf and crew rocking up…

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Comic-Conquest 2014



Comic-Con 2014 came and went and left a kind of meh feeling. That said we talk about the Good (Avengers 2), The Bad ( Gal Gadot as Wonderwomen) and the Best ( Mike Tyson Mysteries). We also talk about games, coffee festivals and snobs.

Something, something joke

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God damn this game. 

Meat and Comics Shout Pit.

Meat and Comics Shout Pit.


Meat n crabs

Hello lovely people. This week I talk about how much I love the amazing remake that is Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New n Tasty edition, which if you have not played it yet, you should get it now. Josh talks about his new interest in Fire Emblem. I try to run over giant squirrels in the Crew BETA and Josh…

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Fight’in games and Rommba feet: Shout Pit.

Fight’in games and Rommba feet: Shout Pit.

Evo and Roomba Prosthetics


About fucking time, we have some god damn news. This time from the the shiny town of Las Vegas, EVO 2014 reveled to us a collection of new fighters for upcoming games. Besides that it still was a little quiet on the news front. I still have not played any games and Josh has…which is not…

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