I defend you from the Raptor hordes.....and tell you about entertainment while doing so.

Gamescom 2014 and Ice Giant Bono

Gamescom 2014 and Ice Giant Bono


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This week we start off a little dark with the unfortunate death of the legendary Robin Williams and just some other dark news. But we cheer-up  due to a tepid Gamescom. Then we fight again……. It’s a dark Shout Pit.

But it all ends when we talk about Assassins Creed Rouge and how Bono Vox is a Ice…

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Shut up and go watch the Guardians of the Galaxy god damn it Shout Pit.

Shut up and go watch the Guardians of the Galaxy god damn it Shout Pit.


Guten tag hotdog people. This week Josh and I shoot the shit over some actual news, such as Assassins Creed: Rogue, The Remaster Remake of Resident Evil and how Capcom just hads Megaman chained up in a  basement and is receiving forced fellatio by Chris Redfield. We talk about Ganondorf and crew rocking up…

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Comic-Conquest 2014



Comic-Con 2014 came and went and left a kind of meh feeling. That said we talk about the Good (Avengers 2), The Bad ( Gal Gadot as Wonderwomen) and the Best ( Mike Tyson Mysteries). We also talk about games, coffee festivals and snobs.

Something, something joke

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God damn this game. 

Meat and Comics Shout Pit.

Meat and Comics Shout Pit.


Meat n crabs

Hello lovely people. This week I talk about how much I love the amazing remake that is Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New n Tasty edition, which if you have not played it yet, you should get it now. Josh talks about his new interest in Fire Emblem. I try to run over giant squirrels in the Crew BETA and Josh…

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Fight’in games and Rommba feet: Shout Pit.

Fight’in games and Rommba feet: Shout Pit.

Evo and Roomba Prosthetics


About fucking time, we have some god damn news. This time from the the shiny town of Las Vegas, EVO 2014 reveled to us a collection of new fighters for upcoming games. Besides that it still was a little quiet on the news front. I still have not played any games and Josh has…which is not…

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“Don’t get angry at me because of a fucking ghost horse.”

—   Something I said talking to my parents in regards to mediums. 
Back to greenhill zone. #sonic

People giving free shit away on the internet

Recently I have upped my social media game quite a bit. One thing I did do was join a freebie group. The idea is someone posts an item they wish to give away and then you send them an ID number and you can claim the gem that everyone desires if you are the chosen one. Now let me show you some of these priceless treasures.  


You want a free Playboy tube. I think it has all of its contents. Maybe there is a Genie inside.I fucking hate genies! But it looks clean. 


How about a moldy chair. Good knick I swear. 


….ummmm…hopefully you accepted your gay child and love them dearly. No one has claimed this item yet. 


An ultra rare S club CD can be yours for the low low priced of free. There are 5 claims for this item. 


How about some numbers crunch. 


A seat with what is clearly a piss stain. Comment even says “Needs a good cleaning” 


A BBQ that seems to be growing its own food on it. No need for pesky stakes, just cook the fungus growing on the side. 


A used toilet brush. Previous owner might have been a wizard. Hey you might be able to clone the previous owner from the fecal matter. 


A towel rack, because the toilet brush might be lonely.


A filthy cookbook, which is a sex act where you lie upside down and two people smear you with beans and eggs. Unfortunately this is just an actual filthy cook book.  


"plastic toilet seat riser for invalid. You can put hot water in to warm it."

Yup that’s a thing. 


Thanks for including the pen for scale, I will be over to your house to pick it up right away….oh it’s a ” Made one”…no interest. 

Well these are just some of the random shit you can get for free if you willing to give a random stranger your details, then go over to their house and maybe get stabbed and locked in a van. 

What we do when nothing else is really going on Shout Pit.

What we do when nothing else is really going on Shout Pit.


Crab hitler and expos

So look, sometimes there are just some weeks where nothing happens. Yes Josh plays Transistor and the amazing Telltale games which we talk about briefly. But shit son, I did nothing when it comes to videogames this week…sorry. But it’s not all my fault, the world of videogames was  quiet, and when it…

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